Want to See Us More Often

Want to See Us More Often

It is proven that dentists are needed more often by patients than any other field of medicine. So if the patients need to see the dentist every six months, what is keeping them from not visiting their dentists? The reason is their dental anxiety. It is a fear of the unknown that a patient has of their dentist. It cannot be explained as there is nothing to explain. But you do not worry about that anymore as cornerstone dentistry is here to solve your doubts regarding the same.

So it is a widely spread rumor that dental treatments hurt a lot and causes you a lot of discomforts. Be it discomfort while eating, smiling or sleeping. But thanks to new modern technology and the researches in the field of dental science, we have found the ways to sedate the patient such that they will feel no pain what so ever.

Sedation Dentistry

It is a well-known term these days as it provides comfort to the patients that need sedation. Cornerstone dentistry has the experts in the same who will make sure that there is no kind of unnecessary pain to the patient. Here are the types of sedation used:

Nitrous Oxide

You must have heard the term laughing gas. It is real. Dentists have access to that laughing gas called Nitrous Oxide. The dentist can ask the patient if they want it. And if yes, the dentist will give them enough amount that they will feel numb and will not be able to feel the dental pain.

Oral Sedation

It is a type of sedation where the patient has to take a pill before an hour of their surgery. This pill would make you deeply relax before surgery. Once you are relaxed enough, your dentists will start treating you.

IV Sedation

A form of medication is given to the patient in IV sedation where the heart of the patient is monitored throughout the process. It makes sure that the patients stay conscious and responsive but it makes them so comfortable that they do not feel any kind of pain. Then the dentists go on with the surgery and complete it in no time.