Endodontic Services

Treat Your Teeth, Don’t Lose Them

Tooth pain in Sugar Land, TX is no longer an option! At Cornerstone Dentistry, we believe in preserving natural teeth whenever possible.

In order to save your existing teeth, root canals and teeth reimplantation procedures are available at our practice, and we can ensure your safety in re-obtaining your smile.

Tooth Reimplantation / Transplant

If you lose a tooth, whether to an emergency case or another situation, it is important to understand your options regarding filling that space. If you are able to save the tooth that was knocked out, a tooth reimplantation, or transplant, may be an option for you. However, time is of the essence — this emergency dental procedure demands a quick reimplantation, and is usually recommended to occur within an hour of when the tooth was dislodged. We advise that you do not touch the roots of the tooth, and if the tooth is clean, insert it back into its original gum socket. If it is not clean, we recommend that you rinse it in milk or water. If you are unable to reposition your tooth, we ask that you temporarily place it in water, milk or saline until you are able to see Dr. Siny Thomas.

For your tooth reimplantation procedure, we will flush out your gum socket with a solution, and then place the tooth back in its place. Dr. Thomas will have you bite down on a piece of gauze, and stabilize the tooth in place with a splint that attaches to the adjacent teeth. This mechanism will remain in place for approximately seven to 10 days.

Root Canals

The center of a tooth, or “pulp,” contains nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue to help maintain the health and vitality of your tooth. When the pulp becomes infected by bacteria, other significant dental issues may arise. Root canals help in this matter, as they are designed to remove the tooth’s pulp, clean and disinfect the inside of the tooth, and replenish the missing space with a safe filling material. After a root canal, your tooth will begin to heal, allowing for you to eat and smile like before — and without any pain!

If you are experiencing tooth pain in Sugar Land, TX, or would like more information on root canals or tooth transplants, please call our office at 281-240-2400 today to reserve your visit with Dr. Siny Thomas!

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