Full Mouth Reconstruction

A Smile to Be Proud Of!

Your smile is an important aspect of your personality — and it deserves reconstruction if altered by decay or trauma. At Cornerstone Dentistry, we want you to know that there is a solution to tooth loss, damage and impaired function of your teeth, and full mouth reconstruction procedures can help.

Whether you are in need of dental crowns, bridges or veneers, or have other requirements, Dr. Siny Thomas can recommend and deliver the best solution for you.

So, What is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction treatment plan is designed to enhance the full function of your mouth. This solution is intended to begin with an examination and determination of what kind of condition your teeth are in. If you have any decay, periodontal issues, missing teeth or damaged teeth, Dr. Thomas will address those concerns. We will also take a look at the size and proportion of your teeth, as the aesthetics of size and shape are of great importance to your overall smile. Then, possible solutions and procedures that may be available will be discussed with you, better ensuring that we are able to create a permanent improvement to your smile.
Regardless of your age or circumstance, if you are in need of restoring your smile, we encourage you to consider receiving full mouth reconstruction. Some procedures include:

  • Crown lengthening
  • Periodontal treatment
  • Bone or soft tissue grafting
  • Bridges
  • Dental crowns
  • Veneers
  • Dental implants

To learn more about full mouth reconstruction with Dr. Siny Thomas, or for more information on how to receive dental crowns, dental implants or periodontal treatment, please call our office in Sugar Land, TX at 281-240-2400 today!

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