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Dental Anesthesia at Cornerstone Dentistry

Dental anxiety is a common occurrence — whether it arises from procedures and treatments involving injections or not. It is an important aspect of your dental health to be relaxed when inside of the dental office itself. At Cornerstone Dentistry, regardless of whether you are visiting for a check-up, restorative procedure or dental implant, we are prepared to relieve your dental anxiety with a few safe dental anesthesia methods.

Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide relieves dental anxiety in a matter of minutes. This sedation method also allows for you to arrive and leave your appointment by yourself, as you will not be heavily sedated and will return to normal by the end of the appointment. By emitting an odorless, colorless gas through a nasal breathing tube, Dr. Siny Thomas will be able to monitor your nitrous oxide intake, and ensure your safety. After a few moments of breathing in this harmless gas, your dental anxiety will effectively diminish.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation allows you to take a small dose of medication in the form of a pill, typically an hour prior to your appointment time. When you arrive, our team will escort you to your treatment room, provide a warm, comfortable blanket and ensure that you are relaxed. Because you are taking an anti-anxiety medication, it will affect your ability to leave your appointment alone. Therefore, please arrange for a companion to accompany you to and from your treatment.

Local Anesthetic

Dr. Thomas may provide local anesthetic to numb only a certain part of your mouth for dental treatment. You will not be sedated and can come and go from your appointment however you would like.

To learn more about dental anesthesia and options for sedation dentistry in Sugar Land, TX with Dr. Siny Thomas, please contact our office at 281-240-2400 today!

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