When Is A Dental Crown Needed?

When Is A Dental Crown Needed?

Many people are aware of what a dental crown is, but most of them are not aware about the host of dental issues it can resolve. It is something that is being used in several cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures in Sugar Land. Let’s explore more about the tooth caps.

Why Do I Need A Dental Crown?

The dental cap can help in correcting many dental issues. Here’s a look:

  • They are used for finishing touches, once the implants are installed and fused in the jawbone.
  • When a tooth is damaged due to cavity or breakage, the cap helps in restoring its strength.
  • If the filling is not enough for repairing a decayed tooth, a dental cap is placed for support and coverage.
  • The cap can also help in protecting worn out teeth.
  • The cap can hold the broken parts of a cracked tooth together.
  • They are used in dental bridges for offering support.
  • Misshaped and discolored tooth can be covered with dental caps.

What Is A Dental Crown Made Of?

The dental cap is made of tooth-colored ceramic, metal alloys, or porcelain fused to metal. The choice of crown depends on the location of placement as well as the reason you are getting it. It also depends if the cap will be visible when you speak or laugh, explains the dentist near you.

How Is A Crown Placed?

Getting a dental cap needs two visits. During the first visit, the dentist will remove the damaged portion and the tooth will be reshaped for accommodating the dental cap. Some tooth structure will also be filed for placing the crown.

He will then take the impression so that a custom-fit cap can be made for you. During the next appointment, your temporary cap will be removed and a permanent cap will be placed.

How Do I Care For A Dental Crown?

There is no need for special routine or precautions. You can care for them just like your natural teeth by brushing and flossing regularly along with seeing the dentist twice a year for cleaning and examination.